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The Best Korean Rhinoplasty, Blessing More with Petite Nose

There is a belief that people who have large nose is a lucky people. But people with large nose sometimes get less confidence with their face because of the unbalanced face shape. Having a large nose is actually nothing to be ashamed of, but if you're feeling a little self-conscious about it, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, as the best Korean Rhinoplasty, has a solution for you. There is a nostril reduction surgery which can make your nose smaller and prettier.

Flared nostrils or widely round nostrils can often contribute to unrefined, overly ethnic appearance. Nostril Reduction by the best Korean Rhinoplasty is recommended for those who have a flat appearing nose due to wide nostrils, arrowhead nose, nose tip which appear flared or wide, and also people who are dissatisfied with current shape of nose. The difference of Wonjin Beauty Medical Group with another clinics is rather than just making nose smaller, it's more important to get face shape balanced. Smaller nose without thinking about face shape is just making unnatural impression.

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group has 2 kinds of methods: Nostril sil reduction and Nostrils tied and pulled together. The nostril sil reduction applicable for all cases, skin from the bottom of the nose (the pink highlighted section) is incised in a wedge-shaped and sutured. Scars are barely notice able with this type of procedure. The second method by the best Korean rhinoplasty is recommended for who only have wide space under their nostril. The bottom of nostril is incised and the space between both nostrils are tied and this gets nose tip further becomes sharper.

Since the cause of large nose is just not the large nostril, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group has various surgeries in nose job. For more information you can visit our website to check it what kind of surgery that suitable with your cases. And do not hesitate to contact us through facebook for more concerns. The best Korean rhinoplasty ready to help you make your nose beauty improved.

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