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Korean Best Eye Plastic Surgery Save Your 10 Minutes Daily Routine

Double eyelid often to be a symbol of pretty eyes. Because of that, people have to suffer in every morning when they do not have double eyelid. But now you can throw your double eyelid tape into rubbish bin because there is Korean best eye plastic surgery. Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic, as the Korean best eye plastic surgery will give you prettier and natural double eyelid.

Korean best eye plastic surgery has 3 types of double eyelid surgery: Non-Incision, Partial Incision, and Full Incision. Nowadays, people are considering about the scars that often occurred under surgery's knife and unnatural outcome. Of course there is a non-incision method which is no scars will be occurred but people start thinking about it will not stay longer. Actually, it depends on skin condition and each people are different.

Instead, Korean best eye plastic surgery provide new methods which is collaboration between non-incision and full incision called partial incision. Partial incision involves making a small incision on the eyelid to remove excess adipose tissues and muscle tissues. The newly formed double eyelids will be highly durable, and bares minimal scarring and swelling. The chances of the double eyelid becoming undone is highly likely if patients who have eyelids with excessive fats and muscles choose to receive non-incision surgery. Therefore, this partial incision method is far superior in these cases.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic makes tiny incisions to reduce scars for higher satisfaction because of natural outcome. The stitch removal process is 4-5 days after the surgery which is shorter than full incision method. Patient also can return to daily activities in 1-2 weeks after surgery. In Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic, patient will treated depends on patient desire and skin condition to get the face shape balanced.

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