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Attractive Chin Line by Face Contour Wonjin

Face shape is important to give good impression in social life. Because of that, Korean Face Contouring is rising its popularity. Different from Two Jaw Surgery, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group has Korean Face Contouring to make beautiful face shape with chin reduction. Sometimes people who have unbalanced facial contour because of chin length is having complex with their appearance.

Face Contour Wonjin has chin surgery which is suitable with short chin, small chin, receding chin, retreated chin, or excessively developed chin, and also people who have protruding mouth together. Short chin is a condition when lower jaw bone is backward retreated or lower part of face appears to be absent due to short height of jaw. This can lead to have undefined outline from face to neck and give unnatural and dullness or gaudy impression. Not only short chin, the other condition can make people dissatisfied with current facial contour and also bad eat habits will occurred. 

Face Contour Wonjin corrects an over/under bite by decreasing or extending the chin length and make face shape balanced. Face Contour Wonjin involves moving the jaws forward and backward. Through implant insertion or fat grafting, this surgery can get you satisfied with your jaw line and chin line.

Face Contour Wonjin has various surgery method to make attractive jaw line. People who has retreated chin can be treated with chin advancement or implant insertion. Chin advancement is a surgery method that required to make incision about 2-3 cm on the chin mucous membrane and fracture the bone. Then, fractured part will be moved. Implant insertion is to make incision at chin mucous membrane and lift periosteum to secure insertion space. Then the implant will be inserted and fixed. In long chin cases, similar with chin advancement, reduction of chin will be suggested.

In short chin cases, Face Contour Wonjin has front chin bone grafting which incised square jawbone part id inserted into the fractured frontal chin. And for wide chin, there is T-osteotomy by Face Contour Wonjin, which fracture front chin into "T" shape to reduce both width and length of the chin.

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