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Ideal face Shape Through Best Face Contouring in Korea

We all know that people have different face structure and shape. There are majorly 6 shapes of face; oval, round, square, rectangular, heart and diamond. Face shape depends on bone structure of head and jaw. Thus, as a baby grow up till adult, the bone structure fully settles winch defines the shape, and then it is barely hard to change the outline of the face.

The ‘Ideal Face Shape’ that people admire these days is oval shape. Oval especially attributes smaller face, any hair style matches, any eyebrow shape goes well, and any kind of sunglasses are fit in and so on. All the benefit of styling is available in oval shape face.

As the oval shape face has become the ideal beauty of face, the plastic surgery industry observed this trend as soon as possible. Nowadays, changing to the face shape that people want becomes easy. Through best face contouring in Korea, people are allowed to join the face contouring trend like they wished.

The best face contouring in Korea is based on two jaw surgery. There were times when only people have trouble with two jaw had willing to receive two jaw plastic surgery. However, as the plastic surgery got familiar to those who are not necessary needed, the best face contouring in Korea started to get popular.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic, the best face contouring in Korea, separated face contouring surgery into two categories, cut procedure and no cut procedure.

Cut procedure is where patients are willing to redesign their face structure by changing bone structure. The best face contouring in Korea is basically divided into four parts of face. Jaw line is the most people’s choice to have smaller face. Reshaping into smooth slim arc of jaw bone, it give patients with smaller and slimmer face line. 

Chin fracture surgery is used for one with wide and flat front chin that gives dull impression. Chick bone fracture is more likely a trend in Asia area, apart from Western. Too much 3D on chick bone shades on chick and created rough feeling of face. Thus a lot of people tense to reduce the protruded chick to have younger look. 

Lastly, forehead contouring is combined to give dimensional illusion by plumping up the hollow forehead.

On the other hand, no cut procedure is using lifting, injection, laser, botox, or fat removal to reshape the facial line. The best face contouring in Korea has developed and finds a way to ease out the face contouring procedure and decrease pain. Every procedure is to something to do with face fats so by removing certain amount of fat, will give slim V-line face.

If one’s fundamental reason for big face is the facial bone structure, try to x-ray the bone structure and find various methods of the best face contouring in Korea. But if the fats on the face makes one looking bigger, counsel with the doctor about what kind of treatment will be right for the patient from the non-cut procedure.

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