Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Small Changes Of Korea Rhinoplasty For Big Impact

Not only eyes, but nose is also a part of human body that will make a big improvement with only small changes. And recently, a three-dimensional face, has become trend. And if you wish to have one, then nose can be considered as the first part to be paid attention.

If you only care about the height, and only pay attention about the nose bridge, then you might be careful that the line won't be look good. 

Korea rhinoplasty, is not only about nose bridge but also the nose tip. And the nose tip of each person is different. For the type of nose tip that is close to the ideal shape, a sharp and beautiful nose line by only bundling the wing cartilage.

If it's not enough only by collecting the cartilage of nose, the proper material such as autologous cartilage can be transplanted to the nose tip to increase the naturalness. It can also be placed over the dorsal cartilage to strengthen the end of nose as a support.

The beautiful nose line means that the whole facial ratio and the line from the forehead to the nose and chin are naturally beautiful from any angle. Also, since the nose is a functioning body part, it should be able to be improved by considering the functional part.

The plastic surgeon at Korea rhinoplasty clinic, Wonjin Plastic Surgery, said, "Nose tip is sometimes called as a flower of nose surgery, but it is as difficult as it is so complicated. Because the shape of the nose is important enough to influence the outcome of the surgery, It is important that you receive treatment from a wealth of experienced specialists."

In addition, most hospitals operate with an open incision, but a skilled plastic surgeon can perform non-open incision surgery for Korea rhinoplasty as well. It is a way to perform surgery by cutting the inside of the nose in both directions to reduce external scarring. However, it is difficult to identify the internal structure.

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