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Korea Face Contouring Surgery VS Massage VS Shading

No matter how short you are, if you have small face, the overall ratio of your body will look good. A smooth face line can be the characteristic of baby face but nowadays, instead of smooth line, people tend to emphasize the golden ratio of face, with a V-line or oval shaped face a lot. 

Korea Face Contouring Surgery VS Massage VS Shading

The contours of the face are largely divided into cheekbones and square jaw. And there are many ways to make face looks smaller by using that part. One of the example is a simple massage or shading using make-up, also can make the face looks smaller.

One of the popular massage to reduce the cheekbone is a method of massaging your cheekbone line by making a circle using the palm of your hand, then press your cheekbone for 5 to 7 seconds with your thumb.

Meanwhile, to create a V-line,  you can do a massage at the area where the protruding jaw is felt, by making a circle with a finger then press it with a fist.

In addition, besides the massage, the shading method using make-up is also becoming popular, to make the outline of the face looks smoother and smaller. 

But, since it deals with the bones, the method of massage and face contouring using make-up are not really the solution, as it only gives you short term effect. Then what is the solution? Korea face contouring surgery, might be the right answer.

The plastic surgeon at Wonjin Plastic Surgery said, "Korea face contouring surgery requires a lot of surgical experience and know-how, it's not merely a bone shaving surgery. The harmonization of overall face should be considered from the hairline to the jaw."

Korea face contouring surgery reduces the jaw muscles, improves the ratio and volume of your overall face, and eliminates unnecessary fat. For the case of extremely big face, this surgery is really recommended. 

Korea face contouring surgery includes cheekbone reduction surgery, square jaw reduction surgery, and chin reduction surgery.

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