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Cute Eyes Through The Famous Korea Eye Plastic Surgery

Korea eye plastic surgery has became the most famous plastic surgery procedure in the entire world, not only in Gangnam, South Korea, but also in other countries. Of course other procedures beside Korea eye plastic surgery are also famous but looking at the number of people doing the procedure, we can say that the most famous and popular one is no other than Korea eye plastic surgery. 

Double eyelid surgery might be the most done surgery for younger people. Instead of using double eyelid tape or glue everyday, this Korea eye plastic surgery exists to help them who want to have even prettier eyes with double eyelid surgery.

For older people? What kind of Korea eye plastic surgery they do? It depends on the situation. Most of older people in their 30s to 40s are doing under eye plastic surgery instead of upper eyelid plastic surgery. It's done to remove the fats under eyes, also correcting the sagging skin under eyes at the same time.

But! There is one thing that also gathered people interests. A procedure of Korea eye plastic surgery called, Love Band or aegyo sal. It's basically a cute little fat under eyes which will make people looks younger which is the opposite of eye bag which will make people looks older than their actual age.

Aegyo sal can be added through some methods. The most popular one, would be filler injection. Creating love band using a filler injection is easy, leaves no scars, and allows you to return to everyday activity instantly. And in case you are not satisfied with the results, you can use a counter-agent to reverse the effects. 

Similar effects can be achieved by fat grafts using the patients own purified fat cells. This method is safer to be done as it's using your own fat to fill the under eyes area. Both procedures tend to last for about a year long.

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