Friday, December 1, 2017

GENIE Helps You To Get What You Want

Wish to have doll-like face? Eyes, nose, everything is just like a doll? Many people want to have that kind of face. And our GENIE can help you get what you want! Wait, who is GENIE? GENIE is the mascot of Wonjin Plastic Surgery who will grant every wishes to be prettier! 

One of the most famous plastic surgery is indeed eyelid surgery. Either it's double eyelid surgery, ptosis correction, eyelid revision, etc. And among those, an eyelid surgery method called by Eye Doll Line, is one of the most favored one because of its high satisfaction despite on the short surgery time which is only takes 5 to 10 minutes.

Eye Doll Line eye plastic surgery in Korea doesn't use any incision or thread to make the double eyelid, even has short recovery time but resulting a very natural and pretty double eyelid line. It also has low possibility of loosing though it doesn't use any thread. And the most important is that you don't have to come back to the clinic for stitch removal, which is perfect for those who came from other countries.

Then how about the other part? What can we do to get doll-like face? At Wonjin Plastic Surgery, face contouring and nose surgery also can be performed together to get the result you want. All the surgeries are designed an done after being discussed between the patient and the plastic surgeon, including a consultation and medical examination.

Plastic surgery in Korea also done while considering the golden ratio of each patient's face. And as the technologies are developed, the recovery period after the surgeries are also got shortened. That's why more and more people are interested in getting plastic surgery. 

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