Friday, November 17, 2017

183 Shades Of Best Rhinoplasty in Korea

Rhinoplasty is one of the most famous plastic surgery in Korea. But do you know that actually there are about 183 types of rhinoplasty exists? Not 5 or 10 but 183!

These types of rhinoplasty is actually a result of a customized rhinoplasty or nose surgery at the best rhinoplasty in Korea, Wonjin Plastic Surgery, where yourself can be a premium. 

More than 20 years in plastic surgery field as the best rhinoplasty in Korea, Wonjin Plastic Surgery has been approved by so many patients who are satisfied with the result using any kind of materials (implants, self dermis, etc), nose shape (nose tip, nose bridge, nostril), the angle of forehead and nose, as well as the angle of nose and philtrum, etc.

Premium best rhinoplasty in Korea is customized depends on the nose of each patients, which also considering not only the aesthetic factor but functional factor as well. The preferred style chosen by the patients also can be consideration while the plastic surgeon designs the nose.

This is the reason of natural and pretty nose can be made with high satisfaction. So, make sure to talk to your plastic surgeon to consult and discuss the most suitable type and method of the surgery.

Take a look at the video below, a process of consultation before the best rhinoplasty in Korea:

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