Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Solve Your Protruding Mouth Problem With Wonjin

A case with an abnormal protruded teeth and gum, sometimes called by 'Protruded Mouth'which is divided into some categories. There is a case where the teeth are protruded but the upper and lower jaw is normal, there is a case where the teeth is straight but the gum is protruded, and last, a case where both teeth and gum are protruded.

Can it be corrected? Yes. Protruded mouth can be corrected through a combination treatment, done by both plastic surgeon and dentist. It is done not only to improve the aesthetic purpose but as well as functional improvement. The aesthetic analysis and surgery should be done by the professional plastic surgeon meanwhile the orthodontic treatment should be done by dentist.

And you can find both, a cooperative treatment between plastic surgery and dentist in one building, one place, Wonjin Plastic Surgery.

How to choose the best plastic surgery clinic for protruded mouth correction?
You have to consider some important points before choosing the plastic surgery clinic for this surgery:
- A clinic that has expert knowledge with numerous cases experiences in protruded mouth surgery
- A clinic that has cooperative treatment system with both plastic surgery and dental clinic
- A clinic that cares the most about the safety of the patients
- A clinic that studies about beauty and trend all the times

Meanwhile, you can also do a self-diagnosis of protruded mouth, with this guide from Wonjin Plastic Surgery, you can check if:
- Your mouth is always opened unconsciously
- You're showing too much gum while smiling
- Your lips looks thick
- You look awkward when your mouth is closed
- You look like you have a short chin
- You've done nose surgery and chin surgery before but your mouth is still protruded

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