Monday, October 16, 2017

Introducing BellaGel Implant For Korea Breast Plastic Surgery

Round implant and teardrop implant are the most common breast implants used for Korea breast plastic surgery. Though, there are other types of implants available for the surgery as well. 

One of them is BellaGel Implant. BellaGel Implant is a micro textured breast implant that adds both volume and form to your breasts. The raw ingredient of BellaGel is polydimethylsiloxane, which is a safe substance that doesn't undergo bio-degradation or chemical changes in body.

It has 3 types of implant for Korea breast plastic surgery, round, anatomical (teardrop) and conical. 

Round Implant
- Most commonly used implant with round base
- Creates natural shape when you're standing or laying down, creating overall volume
- Particularly useful for age related loss of breast volume at the top and to create a voluptuous cleavage
- There are smooth and textured surface

Anatomical (Teardrop Implant)
- Breast prosthesis is slightly elevated in an upward direction in the shape of water drop
- Orientation marks makes it easy to set the position of the implant during Korea breast plastic surgery
- Only has textured surface, processing results in an irregular surface

Conical Implant
- Elevated upwards to form a conical shape
- There are smooth and textured surface

955 of the gel used in BellaGel is a cohesive gel and has been registered under the US FDA. The cohesive gel used has a high level of cohesion and doesn't slide down.

The gel is protected by 5 layers shell (for smooth type) or 6 layers shell (for textured type) which holds the content (gel) of BellaGel Implant.

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