Monday, September 25, 2017

What You Need To Know About Two Jaw Surgery

Two jaw surgery, a plastic surgery procedure which performed on both upper and lower jaw. The surgery itself is not as simple as other surgery performed on eyes, nose, or lips. 

Therefore there are some hings that you have to know before deciding to do two jaw surgery. As a patient, you have to know if you can receive a total care system done by the specialist in orthodontic, face contouring and plastic surgery department.

Two jaw surgery is very popular among plastic surgery enthusiasts, inside and outside Korea, man and woman, younger and older people. What makes them interested of doing two jaw surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery? There are so many factors, not only in aesthetic purpose but including improving jaw function as well.

Besides, two jaw surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery is also recommended for those who may have:
- Elongated or protruding front chin
- Jutting chin
- Flat face (lack of volume on face)
- Protruding mouth
- Short chin / retreated chin / receding chin
- Wide jaw
- Asymmetrical face
- Accident on jaw / face

Two jaw surgery not only gives you beautiful appearance but it helps people with jaw problems. Plastic surgery specialists at Wonjin Plastic Surgery will examine your condition first, before finally making a decision and plan, what kind of surgery method suits you the most for best result.

At Wonjin Plastic Surgery, there are many methods of fixation that you can choose. We provide the best solution for the fastest recovery and thus we will recommend the best fixation method that suits every patients' condition.

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