Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Stop Worrying About Breast Surgery Korea

Many people worried that the implant would be too obvious if someone touch their breast, or worse, it might cause harm on their body. But the fact is all implants used for Korean plastic surgery, including breast surgery, has been approved by FDA and CAN as a safe implant, so you don't have to worry about it anymore.

You don't need to worry about hard and excessively firm implants as well because Wonjin Plastic Surgery aims to make the implants feel as natural as possible. We can ensure you that you will wake up with the most natural feeling breasts and you won't even remember what it felt like before the surgery.

There are a lot of types of implants based on its feeling, shape, and size such as Round Implant, Teardrop Implant, Motiva Implant, etc. A customized implant is designed one by one based on each patients' needs, considered to create an ideal shape and size not only for breast, but also for butt or other part of your body.

It will be designed considering your height, weight, size, etc so that way, an ideal and perfect shape and size can be created. That's why a consultation and discussion with the specialist plastic surgeon is very important to get the best result after the surgery.

Another worry for breast surgery might be Capsular Contracture. Capsular Contracture is a damaging side effect that can be avoided depending on the surgeons skills and ability. The possibility of Capsular Contracture increases when the surgeon lacks the required skills and experiences. Repeated insertion and extraction of implants causes risks of inflammation and severe tissue damage.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery inserts implants into the right spot, securing nerves and blood vessels via the use of the endoscope so the side effects and surgery duration can be decreased. 

Watch 'Gangnam Breast Surgery Review' below!

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