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Get Your Candy Lips At Wonjin Beauty Medical Group

People often express their feelings through eyes and lips so that eyes and lips are important for the first impression. And it is hard to give off warm and welcoming impressions if the shape of mouth is constantly frowning. 

Get Your Candy Lips At Wonjin Beauty Medical Group

Therefore, a surgery can be done to re-design your mouth shape, through Corner Lips Lifting Surgery. The outer corner lip of mouth will be elevated so it will enhances and brightens your overall facial impression. A simple 30 minutes surgery at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group is the solution.

The goal of Corner Lips Lifting Surgery is to pull up the down-turned corners of the mouth by incising parts of muscles that are making the lips look droopy to achieve a more youthful and aesthetically pleasing shape. The muscles and skin used when smiling are relocated to achieve a better and more natural smile. Don't worry because you can go back to your daily routine after 7 days of surgery.

Get Your Candy Lips At Wonjin Beauty Medical Group

Preoperative care of Corner Lips Lifting Surgery: 
- Avoid taking medication that prevent hemostasis (birth control, hormones, vitamin E, aspirin, etc.) at least 2 weeks before the surgery
- Inform your doctor beforehand about any heart disease, diabetes, thyroid gland disease and any other medical history
- Avoid smoking or drinking 1 week before the surgery
- On the day of the surgery, remove all make up, accessories, contacts, nail polish, etc. before surgery

Postoperative care of Corner Lips Lifting Surgery: 
- Do not open your mouth too wide for at least 2 weeks
- Swelling could last for 2-3 days after operation but it will eventually subside after 7 days
- Food consumption is allowed but soft diet is recommended 
- Bruises, swelling, and discoloration may occur temporarily 
- Avoid any strenuous activities for 2 weeks but light exercises will aid in reduction of swelling
- Avoid massage, sauna, jogging, swimming, etc for 1 month 
- Smoking and drinking allowed after 4 weeks of surgery

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