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Korean Face Contouring Wonjin To Get The Real Slimmer Face

Korean face contouring result can't be decided by looking only at how sharp the chin is or how small the face is. We also have to consider other factors. Is the face symmetry? Does it suit the golden ratio of face? 

Korean Face Contouring Wonjin To Get The Real Slimmer Face

Wonjin Plastic Surgery's Korean face contouring, is the answer to get your ideal facial shape. Not only sharp and small but also slim and suits your overall face proportion. And to get it, here what you can do, a combination between Cheekbone Reduction and Buccal Fat Removal.

The most protruding point on the side of cheekbone will be pin pointed based on 3D-CT shooting to find the incision line for cheekbone reduction. It provides outstanding result of Cheekbone Reduction effect by looking at any side since the surgery is done by the best incision line to minimize the error range within 1mm.

Korean Face Contouring Wonjin To Get The Real Slimmer Face
Many patients are worried about the sagging cheeks after the surgery, but this isn’t the normal symptom to have after the surgery. It might happen if during the surgery they desquamated the skin too much, but didn’t fix the bone properly. But you don't have to worry as Wonjin Plastic Surgery doesn't desquamate skin. A little incision will be made inside the mouth, the front and side cheekbones will also be fixed so there won't be any sagging cheeks after Korean face contouring surgery.

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Surgery Information

  • - Duration : 1 Hour
  • - Anesthesia : General anesthesia
  • Fasting: From 8 hours before the surgery
  • - Stitch Removal: 2 weeks after
  • - Hospitalization : None
  • Drain Removal: 1 day after
  • Recommended Staying Period in Korea: Min. 2 weeks 
  • - Mani & Pedicure: Must be removed 
  • - Compression Bandage: Recommended to wear all times for first 3 days, then put on only at home or while sleeping for another 1-2 weeks

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