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Korea Breast Surgery (Breast Reduction) Discharge Precautions

Korea Breast Surgery (Breast Reduction) Discharge Precautions

Korea breast surgery. It requires extra care and attention so there won't be any problem like Capsular Contracture. And here are the list of what you can do or not after you've been discharged that has been prepared by Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea. 


- Normal diet can be started 8 hours after discharge. Avoiding inflammatory foods (such as spicy, salty, and greasy foods) is recommended. 
- Carbonated drinks and coffee are allowed after stitch removal, alcohol and smoking is prohibited for 1 month after surgery.

- Light showering is available the day after stitch removal. Saunas should be avoided for one month after surgery. 
- Hair washing should be done with help from a guardian; hair washing should be done like a hair salon and arms should be used as minimally as possible.

- (In case of drainage tube) arm usage will be difficult therefore to not put undue force on the arms while getting up the body should be raised 15 degrees while sleeping. This aids in swelling reduction. 
- 2-3 cushions, pillows,blankets placed on the back while sleeping is recommended.

- Take medication for the prescribed number of days. Medication should be taken 3 times a day, 30 minutes after meals. 
- Painkillers will be prescribed only when pain is present and should be taken in 8~10 hour intervals. 
- Prescription Rizaben: 3 times a day, 1 hour after meals take one pill. Begin taking as prescribed, the day of hemovac removal. 
- Prescription Montezal: 1 time a day before bedtime one pill. Begin taking as prescribed the day of hemovac removal.

- After 2-3 postoperative visits the hemovac (blood pocket) will be removed and depending on the amount, differences can occur. 
- After discharge, the hemovac will first be emptied after 4 hours, if the emptied volume is over 40cc, then the hemovac will be emptied again after 4 hours. If the volume is less than 40cc then it will be emptied every 8 hours. (A fter hemovac is emptied, once again check the lock valve in the middle line to make sure it is open. The valve must be in the open position) 
-The amount of blood will be checked by a needle, please write it down and bring on postoperative visit day. 
- After hemovac is removed, a compressive bandage is worn 1-2 weeks. Afterwards, a sports bra (3 month use) will be fastened and used. (It's kind of different for every patients so please follow the clinic instructions.) 
- After stitch removal, to minimize scarring a duoderm tape will be attached for 1 month (scar ointment will be applied) 
- Tape should be replaced every 5~7 days, the scar area should be gathered and taped. In case the taped area becomes irritated (itchy, becomes red case) or you feel discomfort, for 1~2 days apply ointment to soothe affected area and reapply the tape. 
Intense activities (golf, swimming, tennis, aerobics) should not be done for 1 month after surgery.

Please note that these list are basically applied for all patients of Korea breast surgery, in this case, Breast Reduction. But for some cases, there might be some addition depends on each cases of the patients. And again, please be aware that swelling, infection, bleeding, etc may be vary for each patient. And for swelling or bruise, it's also vary depends on patients' condition, but it will take about 3 to 6 months until all swelling is reduced.

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