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Newest Trend of 2017: Mochi Mesh Nose Surgery

Introducing the newest nose surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea, called by Mochi Mesh Nose Surgery! What is the Mochi Mesh Nose Surgery?

Newest Trend of 2017: Mochi Mesh Nose Surgery Wonjin Plastic Surgery

Mochi Mesh Nose Surgery is the newest trend of nose surgery which is not using septum cartilage just like the previous nose surgery but using new material, mesh, instead. It is a nose surgery method which complements the disadvantages of septum cartilage which is the mostly used material for nose surgery. Though it is strong but it has a bit hard feel if inserted. And Mochi Mesh Nose Surgery will help you to get the most natural result from the bridge to the tip, just like yours from the start, and can be found only at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea.

3 important points of Mochi Mesh Nose Surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea:

1. Safe even when being twisted or pinched!
The meeting of ear cartilage and the new material of nose surgery, mesh! The soft elasticity of ear cartilage and the strength of mesh is the point of Mochi Mesh Nose Surgery. The extendibility and elasticity create a soft movement of nose muscle so it will be safe and won't be changed even if it's being twisted or pinched.

2. Pretty line from the bridge down to the tip!
Mochi Mesh Nose Surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea is using the soft and elastic ear cartilage to fill the empty space of implant and pulled by the mesh, creating a beautiful and pretty line from the bridge to the tip.

3. Minimal incision, short surgery time, fast recovery!
Even with the minimal incision, a succeed nose surgery can be done. The desquamation range is small so the surgery time can be shorten as well. The recovery period is also short so many people are looking for this nose surgery method at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea recently.

Surgical Information 
  • Surgery time: 1 hour
  • Anesthesia: local anesthesia with sleeping
  • Hospitalization: N/A
  • Thread removal: 5-7 days
  • Recovery: daily activity possible after 5-6 days

More information and real diary about nose plastic surgery in Korea at Korea rhinoplasty specialized hospital, Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea, can be found hereAlso ask us on facebook for more information about this procedure and the reservation!

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