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Wonjin Exclusive Korea Breast Surgery Care Program

Korea breast surgery which gathers more and more interests these days and it makes many people want to know more about the procedures of breast surgery before they finally decided, where to do Korea breast surgery to get the best result.  Wonjin Plastic Surgery understands your needs! 

No need to worry about hard and excessively firm implants, as Wonjin Plastic Surgery aims to make the most natural implants as possible for your convenient that will make you feel like they've always been a part of your body from the very first time. The angles of breast are also adjustable depends on your preference as Wonjin Plastic Surgery customizes each design accordingly to ensure the best outcomes and satisfaction.

Wonjin Exclusive Korea Breast Surgery Care Program

Wonjin Plastic Surgery inserts the preferred breast implants for Korea breast surgery, into the right spot, securing nerves and blood vessels using endoscope. And we ensure that every patient feels comfortable with their new breasts while carrying out daily activities.

Introducing 'Wonjin Exclusive Breast Surgery Care Program' that is customized planned based on individual condition for fast recovery and maximum satisfaction.
1. Multi Ultrasonic Care Exclusive for Breasts

It activates the lympathic circulation which eliminates the bruising and swelling quickly. It also removes the possibility of inflammation around the implant at an early stage and increases the blood circulation to prevent capsular contracture.
2. Derma Plus Care

It increases the natural feeling by reducing the encapsulation and preventing the capsular contracture.
3. Infrared Rays Treatment

By activating blood circulation, it increases the regeneration ability and drastically reduces the pain.
4. High Frequency and Lymph Massage

By activating blood circulation, it reduces swelling and shorten recovery period which ultimately increases breast line elasticity.
 5. Customized Scar Care

With the help of scar ointment, scar regeneration injection, and scar laser, they help reducing concern regarding the scar.
6. Continuous Medical Check-up

Wonjin Plastic Surgery provides periodic medical check-ups with ultrasonic and C-rays to check the condition of the implant to increase safety of the patient.
7. Post-operative Pain Care

It reduces pain after surgery using patient controlled analgesia patch.
8. Compressive Bra Care
Wonjin Plastic Surgery provides compressive bra after Korea breast surgery to stabilize the implant placement and breast shape.

More information about Korea breast surgery, at Wonjin Plastic Surgery can be found at our website or facebook page, where you can also ask inquiries through PM on facebook, as well as the reservation. Don't forget to subscribe our youtube channel for more videos about Korea plastic surgery, at Wonjin Plastic Surgery as well!

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