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BEST 3 Eyelid Surgery Wonjin Plastic Surgery

Eyelid surgery is one of the best 3 out of many type of plastic surgery to be done actually and there are various eyelid surgery type and method available which may help you to get better and prettier eyes than before. From double eyelid surgery to ptosis correction, even upper and lower blepharoplasty for middle age, as well as under eye surgery to get rid of the annoying dark circle and eye bag. But do you know the most favorite procedures among eyelid surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery?

BEST 3 Eyelid Surgery Wonjin Plastic Surgery

Yes, Double Eyelid Surgery (with Complex Double Suture Non-Incision method), Canthoplasty, and Ptosis correction are the best 3 of eyelid surgery Wonjin Plastic Surgery. You don't have to be stressed which method to choose because we will help but of course after a thorough consultation and medical examination are done first. Why? Because the most suitable method and surgery plan will be recommended depends on the individual' preferred and eyes condition so it will give out the best result.

Basically, Double Eyelid Surgery can be done with 3 basic methods; Non-Incision method, Partial Incision method, and Full Incision method. The Non-Incision method is commonly known as ‘pinch method’. However, there are several different applications of this surgical method. Each method takes individual’s unique eye shape into account and modified to each individual cases. One of the example is Complex Double Suture Non-Incision method. This is perfect for those who want a natural double eyelid but afraid of incision. Just like regular non-incision method you can also minimize scars and swelling so you can return to your daily activity as soon as possible. 

Meanwhile Canthoplasty at Wonjin Plastic Surgery can be divided into two procedures, Epicanthoplasty or Lateral Canthoplasty. Canthoplasty itself is favored by people who want to get bigger eyes, and sometimes combined together with Double Eyelid Surgery for even better result. Epicanthoplasty is recommended to be done for those who want bigger and clear eyes, have a wide gap between eyes, and have crossed appearing eyes because of the 'Mongolian Folds'.  While Lateral Canthoplasty itself is appropriate for those who have short length of eyes or have a fierce and cal-like eyes. Wonjin can help to make it narrowed. It's also can be performed to people with short width between eyes which makes it unable to have Epicanthoplasty. 

Last, for Ptosis Correction, it is usually done to get rid of sleepy eyes. The aim of surgery is to treat ptosis by lifting the drooping eyelids back to its normal position. At Wonjin Plastic Surgery, this is usually done by tightening the muscles that contract when raising the eyelid. If ptosis is severe, the eyelid can be conjoined under the eyebrow, and allow the forehead muscles to raise the eyelid.

Once again, a thorough consultation with the specialist and the experienced plastic surgeon at Wonjin Plastic Surgery is important to find the best and the most suitable surgical method, based on the result of examination, and your eyes condition (muscle, fat, etc). Or if you have any question, please ask us through PM on facebook and also subscribe our youtube channel for more videos about Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea! And please feel free to PM us to make a reservation as well!

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