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How Is Korea Two Jaw Surgery Done?

Korea two jaw surgery or what we known as double jaw surgery helps people to have slender and slimmer jaw line when a normal square jaw reduction or cheekbone reduction (usually for those with advanced jaw line and protruded cheekbone) is not enough to provide the slimming effects. 

How Is Korea Two Jaw Surgery Done at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group

There are some reasons why Wonjin Beauty Medical Group is known for its Korea two jaw surgery, but the most important thing is the exclusive system of Korea two jaw surgery specialized system at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group.

Here is some points why Wonjin Beauty Medical Group for Korea two jaw surgery or double jaw surgery:
1. Customized Korea two jaw surgery system + safety + beauty
2. Total co-operative treatment system by plastic surgeons with different specialties (anesthesia department, plastic surgery department, maxillofacial surgery department and orthodontic-dentist department)
3. ICU (Intensive Care Unit) for Korea two jaw surgery patients; 24 hour care system
4. Exclusive safe anesthesia system; 1:1 exclusive care from pre to post-operative care
5. Rich experience and know-how
6. 4D precise diagnostic system; ergonomically diagnosed

How Is Korea Two Jaw Surgery Done at Wonjin Beauty Medical GroupSo how is the procedure of Korea two jaw surgery or double jaw surgery at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group? On the first day of visit, you'll meet the consultant for 1:1 consultation and through this procedure, the patient's desire is well understood to provide the general information about the surgery. For more accurate diagnose, face photos and x-ray will be taken, as well as making a dental impression. The plastic surgeon then will decide whether to use 'Virtual Operation' or pre-operative orthodontic treatment method based on the condition to plan the surgery. Once the surgery plan is done, then a blood test, chest x-ray and EKG examination will be processed.

Before processing to the Korea two jaw surgery, a customized wafers are made to be used before and after the surgery, to maintain the dental bite after the surgery. This will quickly and accurately shorten the surgery preparation period for about 2 weeks. Beside, 3D CT scanning and SOPP also will be done to increase the perfection of the surgery by analyzing the patients' face bone structure, invisible nerve, soft tissues and blood vessel location.

At the day of Korea two jaw surgery or double jaw surgery to be performed, a co-operative treatment system of different departments including plastic surgery, dentist, maxillofacial orthodontics and anesthesialogy will be done for safest and accurate surgery. 

It has been the principle of Wonjin Beauty Medical Group to provide one-stop medical examinations and other necessary requirements in one day for patients' convenience. Where this will help to shorten the preparation time to 2 weeks and prevents the error range for an accurate double jaw surgery procedure.

More information about Korea two jaw surgery at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group can be found at our official website or facebook page, and feel free to ask inquiries through PM on facebook, as well as  make the reservation before coming to our clinic. Don't forget to subscribe our youtube channel for more videos about Korea plastic surgery at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group!

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