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Wonjin Plastic Surgery's 3S Premium Nose Job

Nose job or rhinoplasty is not done only to get sharp nose tip but also to create a sophisticated and luxury nose, from the nose bridge down to the nose tip, including the nose line, whether it's seen from the front or side view. Wonjin Plastic Surgery is introducing the newest 3S Premium Nose Job, which is will be done by the head representative director of Wonjin Plastic Surgery, dr. Wonjin Park himself. 

Wonjin Plastic Surgery's 3S Premium Nose Job

What is 3S Premium Nose Job at Wonjin Plastic Surgery? 3S Premium Nose Job is a nose job surgery (rhinoplasty) which has 3 important aspects which are Speed, Scar, and Shape. With ultra soft silicon, Wonjin Plastic Surgery creates you a natural nose with Speedy recovery, less Scar, and luxury nose Shape!

The first S is Speed. With 3S Premium Nose Job at Wonjin Plastic Surgery, you don't need to worry about the recovery period or the most important is the scar left after the surgery. With more than 20 years experience in plastic surgery field, the head representative of Wonjin Plastic Surgery, dr. Wonjin Park is performing the nose surgery with his know-how that make it possible to have short period of surgery and fast recovery. It's your chance!

The second S is Scar. Unlike the regular nose job, Wonjin Plastic Surgery is using closed incision method which is making the incision inside the nose so there won't be any scar visible if seen by naked eyes. This method can't be used for all type of nose job like short nose, hooked nose, nose revision etc though, more examination would be needed to see if the method can be performed or not. 

The last one would be Shape. Wonjin Plastic Surgery is able to provide the result of what patients specifically wants by taking consideration of patients' taste beauty using 3D scanner and CAD medical device but at the same time also considering the right proportional of nose and face golden ratio, which is different for woman and man.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery's 3S Premium Nose Job

Surgery information

    • Duration : 1~1,5 hour
    • Anesthesia : Local or topical anesthesia with sedation
    • Hospitalization : Same day discharge
    • Stitch removal : 1 week after surgery
    • Recovery period : Everyday activity possible after stitch removal

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