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Luxury And Premium Korea Breast Surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery

Don't need to do Korea breast surgery several times. Once is enough as long as it's been done properly. Why? Because your body is precious. Luxury and premium Korea breast surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery. 

Do you like to shop luxury branded clothes or accessories? How about finding something luxury for your body as well? What about a luxury and premium Korea breast surgery? What is it about?

Just like it sounds, luxury and premium Korea breast surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery, is only using the safe and premium implant for breast surgery, in this case is breast augmentation, the material (implant), the system, everything about the breast surgery is. 

Luxury And Premium Korea Breast Surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery

3rd Generation Full HD Endoscope is one. The gel close to the body is thin, light, and does not spread to the side which makes it natural and pretty teardrop shape even with big volume. With 3rd Generation Full HD Endoscope, it's possible to analyze the muscle structure and incise accurately which reduces the nerve damage and preserving the sensation on nipple and breast. It is also possible to minimize the bleeding through small incision for faster recovery and helps to reduce the possibility of side effect.

Another example would be a premium breast implant called Motiva Ergonomix. The premium breast implant is being approved at 60 countries all over the world and can be found only at 1% of high ranked plastic surgery hospital, including Wonjin Plastic Surgery. Motiva Premium Breast Implant gel is using True Tissue Technology which is the combination of a specific elastic elastomer shell and the special rheological properties of Progressive Gel Ultima, that is adjusting with the gravity to the patient's position providing the most natural look and feel as a result.

Then how about the side effect?
The side effect like capsular contracture or upper convex can be prevented and you don't have to worry about that. After breast surgery, the method of massage and post-operative is all different but the most important fact for all patients is to follow the prevention training given by the hospital for at least 6 months to prevent capsular contracture and upper convex. It is inconvenient to wear the compressive bra and doing the self-massage, but if it would lead you to a natural and beautiful breast without any side effect, why not?

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