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Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea Special Thread Lifting, Why?

Many people are choosing lifting instead of face contouring surgery to get a V-line face shape. But can you really get a V-line face shape just by pulling the skin through lifting? Yes. In fact, lifting does not involve pulling skin but also doesn't make a square jaw slimmer. Lifting awakens dead cells in skin to make it elastic. And if the drooping muscle tissue, fat, and skin are corrected, then you can receive V-line effect. Thread lifting at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea, is chosen not only by those who are in their middle age but also done by those starts in their 20s or 30s. Of course it will different in case of number of threads and direction. The treatment is customized designed based on their age groups. 

One thing has to be remembered that not all thread lifting is the same. Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea's thread lifting is using safe thread approved by FDA, providing whitening and improved skin elasticity. Thread lifting allows delicate control of thread length, shape and the direction of lifting. At Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea, we calculate the elasticity and amount of muscle so that the position for insertion can be located deep within the dermis and the soft skin tissue is pulled based on the direction. This is what makes the infection and the visibility of thread are prevented.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea Special Thread Lifting, Why?

When the thread is inserted into skin, the tissues get damaged. In the process of recovery of the damages tissues, more cells are regenerated. This process helps to improve the elasticity of the skin allowing a long lasting effect with thread's bearing power.

As said before, the lifting procedure will be customized designed based on age groups and each cases of the patients. People in their 20s, usually tend to maintain the elasticity of skin, preventing aging and focus more on getting V-line, improving skin tone, getting rid of double chin, saggy arms and reducing calf muscle. People in their 30s starts to have those signs of aging so they'll focus more on removing fine wrinkle like glabella wrinkle, smile line wrinkle and gaining back skin elasticity.

Meanwhile people in their 40s, they'll start to worry about deep wrinkle so a deep wrinkle care like forehead wrinkle and other sagging part like saggy eyebrows, saggy cheeks, or saggy breasts are the most important to be treated. And as we're aging, sagging skin can't be help anymore, that's why people in their 50s, will focus more on treating saggy lower cheek or saggy neck, as well as improving the pigmentation, so the result will looks natural and younger.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea Special Thread Lifting, Why?

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