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Get Rid Smile Line, Get Baby Face Effect Through Korean Face Contouring

Have you heard of Korean face contouring surgery called Paranasal Augmentation? No? Paranasal Augmentation is a surgical method to give you an overall rejuvenation effect in case of sunken mid face and upper jaw, as well as excessive smile line.  The surgery is known as 'Pyriform Surgery' or also known as Arictocrat Surgery. Paranasal Augmentation will gives you baby face effect with smoother impression by giving a volume on smile line.

Get Rid Smile Line, Get Baby Face Effect Through Korean Face Contouring

Will the facial expression be affected by the implant insertion after Paranasal Augmentation? No! In fact, through this surgery, your smile will become natural and lively. Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea inserts the implant between the bone and the priosteum perfectly so the implant won't be noticed from outside and can't be felt by hand. So you don't have to worry that your facial expression will be awkward after the surgery.

Natural outcomes are determined by the shape and the size of the implants used for the surgery. Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea only uses a modified implants that has been designed based on each individuals, according to patients' facial contour and thickness of surrounding tissues.

Most case of Paranasal Augmentation only fixates both sides which may result the implant to move upward. However, Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea drastically reduce the possibility of moving implant by make it fixed on three parts. And in this case, you can be assured that irritation and side effects are very rare to appear since at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea, the implant insertion area is incised without touching the nerve line.

With this surgery, deep smile line with sunken area around the nose which will make people look older with saggy cheek, will also be lifted and volume will be given to the area to reduce face size and give baby face effect at the same time.

Get Rid Smile Line, Get Baby Face Effect Through Korean Face Contouring

Surgery Information:

  • Duration: App. 30 min.
  • Anesthesia: Local (Deep Sleep) Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization: N/A
  • Stitch Removal: 5 days after
  • Clinic Visit: 2-3 times
  • Recovery Period: Return to everyday activity 1 week after
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