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Get The Most Suitable Breast Surgery Procedure For You

People do feel bad if they have very small breast but what about the opposite? Do you ever imagine how do people with too big breast feel? If small breast can be corrected with breast augmentation or breast enhancement, then what is the best solution to correct the big breast especially when it's sagging?

Get The Most Suitable Breast Surgery Procedure For You

Generally, a lot of breast surgery patients correct the sagginess through breast reduction surgery. But the elasticity of breast can't be achieved back only through reduction surgery if the sagginess is severe. At Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea, it can be corrected through a combination of some methods. Fat, extra skin, including milk duct tissues will be eliminated and followed with autologous correction to increase elasticity in breasts.

Get The Most Suitable Breast Surgery Procedure For YouGet The Most Suitable Breast Surgery Procedure For You

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Not all plastic surgeons can do this. This procedure requires highly precise and accurate skills and will result in achieving perky and esthetically pleasing nipples. For the case of having small breast and extreme sagginess, there is a method in insulting implants for greater volume and elasticity instead. A great result can be achieved through a detailed medical examination and modified procedures. So a further discussion with the plastic surgeons will be needed in order to find the most suitable breast surgery procedure for you.

You don't have to worry that you can't do breast-feeding anymore after breast surgery because at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea, we use an endoscope to see the tissue and not to damage the nerves or vessels. The mammary glands are precisely removed so the sensation and breast-feeding in the future is still possible. Well, any breast surgery should be able to maintain your femininity right? 

Don't worry about scarring left too because Wonjin Plastic Surgery will always do the surgery while minimizing the possible of scarring visible. That's why we also provide various laser and after care treatments for those who did breast surgery for a fast recovery period and reduce the swellings on the surgery area. What kind of treatments? It will be customizedly designed for each patients depends on their condition though. 

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