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Summer Breast, Wonjin Breast Plastic Surgery in Korea

Summer is coming and people start to prepare for their vacation to the beach. Make a reservation for the pension, buying bikini, surfing or BBQ of course can't be missed. But there is one thing that can't be left behind, your prepared body! Yes, you can start to prepare for the summer vacation by shaping your body, including breast and hip! Yeayy! How? Wonjin Plastic Surgery can be the solution for you to shape your body and shape your breast and hip!

As we all know, breast augmentation or breast enhancement or sometimes called by boob job, is one of plastic surgery in Korea which gives the most satisfaction to the patients but of course not all breast surgery patients are satisfied with the result.  Maybe they're not satisfied with the shape? Or the breast is hardened? Or even the breast implants are damaged and moved? Every possibilities can happened and there is always a way out to escape from the problem.

Summer Breast, Wonjin Breast Plastic Surgery in Korea

Wonjin Plastic Surgery knows and understands the situation and could help to fix the problem with a breast surgery procedure called Breast Revision. However, Breast Revision is more complex and complicated than the original breast augmentation surgery so it's very recommended to have a consultation first with the breast specialist or the plastic surgeon before proceeding the breast revision surgery.

When you had breast augmentation, you might also got capsular contraction. It's a condition where your breast feel tighter, the implants feel hard or even the shape of your breast have transformed visibly. It usually appears within 6 to 8 months after the breast surgery. As well as if you had asymmetric breast after the breast surgery. breast might appear asymmetric due to swelling though and the swelling usually last for about 6 months after the surgery. That's why it's recommended to wait for at least 6 months to see the real shape and size of the breast. And if it's still like that, then you may contact plastic surgery in Korea for a breast revision surgery.

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Summer Breast, Wonjin Breast Plastic Surgery in Korea

Make a rush decision to have revision surgery, including breast revision surgery is not a good choice as it may lead to another side effect since the breast tissue settlement is happening at least in 6 months to a year after the previous breast surgery. So it's very very necessary to wait for the final result first before considering to have breast revision. However it's not like you can't do it earlier if you really feel extreme pain and implant deformation BUT a precise medical examination is needed before the surgery.

Surgery information

      • Duration : 2 hours
      • Anesthesia : General anesthesia
      • Hospitalization : Not required
      • Stitch removal : 10~14 days after surgery
      • Postoperative visits : Regular checkups for up to 1 year after surgery
      • Recovery period : Return to everyday activity after 3~4 days

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