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SmartPrep2 Breast Surgery For A Natural Breast

We talked about Breast Revision, one of breast plastic surgery in Korea, and why people are doing revision surgery. Then how about getting to know more about the procedure of breast augmentation or breast enlargement instead? To get bigger breast, there are some other procedures available to be chosen, from the simplest one like filler, or fat grafting, and of course through breast implant insertion.

SmartPrep2 Breast Surgery For A Natural Breast Wonjin Plastic Surgery

Wonjin Plastic Surgery's SmartPrep2 Breast Surgery. What is it? It's an advance procedure of breast plastic surgery in Korea, that has been enhanced from the previous fat grafting procedure. A stem cell extraction procedure has been added and since this process involves extraction of the fat, more effect of body contouring can be expected as well.

Just like the previous fat grafting procedure, you need to have extra fat from other areas (like thigh, abdomen, etc) to be extracted and moved to your desired breast area.  Wonjin Plastic Surgery would have you examined first, to recommend which method suits the best for you, either you need SmartPrep2 breast surgery or implants insertion instead. 

The regular fat grafting procedure has disadvantage of low engraftment. If large amount is injected, it might cause a deeper, hollowness, sagginess, and even an asymmetry  on injected area. But you don't have to worry anymore. SmartPrep2 at Wonjin Plastic Surgery is the solution. The advantage of stem cell is that it can be differentiated into any part of the body and cell with an excellent scar recovery and regeneration. With less than 2 times procedure done (it's about 3 times for regular fat grafting) you can maintain the natural breast volume for longer time.

SmartPrep2 Breast Surgery For A Natural Breast Wonjin Plastic Surgery

The main function of stem cell is tissue regeneration, differentiation potential, improve immune function, growth factor activation, blood vessel regeneration, homing effect to regenerating the damaged area, multi potential cell which able to differentiate into variety tissues or organs, and self-renewal cell which to divide into increase the number of cells on its own. The high satisfaction can be expected only when the clinic is chosen for the stem cell procedure. And, Wonjin Plastic Surgery, as one of breast surgery specialized hospital. To get the best result you want, it'd be good to consider the high quality of medical system, experienced surgeons, one on one specialized anesthesia system, surgery aftercare , and medical devices.

SmartPrep2 Breast Surgery For A Natural Breast Wonjin Plastic Surgery

SmartPrep2 Breast Surgery is the advance procedure which has been enhanced from the previous fat grafting with low engraftment. Therefore, stem cell extraction is added to previous fat grafting procedure. After dividing the stem cell from the extraction process, it gets mixed with pure fat cell for the injection.

Surgery information

      • Duration: 1-2 hours
      • Anesthesia: Local (Deep Sleep) Anesthesia
      • Hospitalization: N/A
      • Stitch Removal: 1-2 weeks after surgery
      • Clinic Visit: 3-4 times
      • Recovery Period: Return to everyday activity 1-2 weeks after surgery
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