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Rules To Be Followed Before and After Eye Plastic Surgery in Korea

Eye plastic surgery in Korea is one of the most preferred plastic surgery done by both man or woman patients. With only one procedure of eye plastic surgery, they can immediately change their image even their whole life!

Though it looks simple and doesn't need long time to be done, there are some rules that has to be followed before and after the eye plastic surgery in Korea. What are the rules before and after the surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery?

Follow these rules before the surgery!

  • All kinds of ingestion such as water, gum, candy, etc, is completely banned 8 hours before operation.
  • Avoid taking medication that prevent hemostasis (birth control, hormones, vitamin E, aspirin, etc.) at least 2 weeks before the surgery.
  • Inform your doctor beforehand about any heart disease, diabetes, thyroid gland disease and any other medical history.
  • Avoid smoking or drinking 1 week before the surgery.
  • On the day of the surgery, remove all make up, accessories, contacts, nail polish, etc. before arrival.

Follow these rules after the surgery!

  • Until stitch removal, do not sleep on your side or stomach. Please lie on your back.
  • Apply an icepack on surgical areas for about 3 days and then an warm pack to help recovery.
  • Simple eye make-up is possible 1 week after surgery.
  • Recommend to wear contact lenses 3 weeks after surgery.
  • Avoid sauna for 3 weeks after surgery.
  • Do not rub or close the eyes too strong.
  • Drinking and smoking are possible 4 weeks after surgery.

Check HERE for more video about eye plastic surgery in Korea.

This is generally applied for all type of eyelid surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery but for some cases and some procedures, there will be some addition rules, etc depends on each cases of the patients. And please be aware that swelling, infection, bleeding, etc may be vary for each patient. And for swelling, it's also vary depends on patients' condition, but it will take about 3 to 6 months until all swelling is reduced.

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