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No Worries Of Plastic Surgery Goes Wrong

Plastic surgery goes wrong? Asymmetry face after plastic surgery? 
Those are some worries that will be around your head once you're thinking of doing plastic surgery. But actually you don't really have to worry about that as long as you really considering an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon to do your surgery. But what if the surgery still goes wrong? Then a revision surgery might be needed. Revision surgery can be done for all types of plastic surgery, from eye plastic surgery till jaw surgery.

No Worries Of Plastic Surgery Goes Wrong

Jaw surgery is complicated, and of course the revision surgery will be even more complicated. Then is it dangerous to fracture jaw bone once again? Well, it is indeed complicated but if it's done by a skilled professional plastic surgeon, good outcomes will be obtained. Wonjin Plastic Surgery will prove it to you by the surgery procedure and the results.

Watch: story of two jaw surgery real result

No Worries Of Plastic Surgery Goes Wrong

The picture above is an X-ray of a patient who had a jaw surgery at other clinic but as can be seen on the picture, it shows that the jaw is still blunt and the face line is rough. Even after the orthodontic treatment, surprisingly the protruding mouth was still remained and there was bone deformation once already. The invisible nerves, muscles and soft tissues were tangled intricately. This case has to be approached very carefully so all the specialists plastic surgeons from each department gathered together to discuss and examine the problem based on the diagnosis data.

The rough jaw will be corrected smoothly and the wide front chin also will be made slimmer. So with the jaw revision surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery, the whole face will be balanced and it will bring you a very satisfied outcome. And what makes Wonjin Plastic Surgery so confident about this? Wonjin Plastic Surgery with its experience in plastic surgery field more than 20 years, cooperates with oral and maxillofacial surgery center, orthodontics, and plastic surgery center to predict the surgery result before the real surgery is being processed. It is very rare to have malocclusion after jaw surgery as we predict how much the tooth movement amount will be, how the tooth condition will be after surgery, etc therefore they will have orthodontics prior to their condition after the surgery. 

Surgery information

      • Surgery time: 3 hours
      • Anesthesia: General anesthesia
      • Hospitalization: 2days
      • Treatment: 5times
      • Recovery: Return to daily activities is possible after 2 weeks

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