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What is Coolthera and Why Coolthera at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea?

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea has a lot of procedures of body contouring, in order to design your desired body shape and we've talked about it before. On the post, we also mentioned about some procedures like Belody, Acculifting, High Tenor Frequency Wave, including Coolthera. Yes, those procedures can give you slim and tight body line without any saggy skin, without pain, and without have to do the traditional liposuction.

What is Coolthera and Why Coolthera at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea?

Coolthera at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea, basically is a cutting-edge technology of lipolysis therapy by freezing fat cells at a very low temperature. The technology is effective  not only to reduce the size of fat cells but also the number of the fat cells. It is done by applying newest obesity treatment technique, involving Cyro principal. 

Why Coolthera at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea? As said before Coolthera is one of the effective treatments which will give you a satisfying result in a short period of time, without any pain, and with Wonjin Coolthera, you can remove fat on certain parts. Well, you can't choose which part to be removed if you're reducing weight through diet right? One of the advantages of the newest Coolthera at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea is that Coolthera is non-invasive treatment by selectively freezing fat cells, which makes you will be able to get back to your daily activity right away after the treatment as you won't feel any pain and it has almost no side effect.

How to do Coolthera? It's simple! Cyro-cooling energy will be emitted to the target area. Then the target area will be cooled.  The result? It'll lead to natural necrosis of frozen fat cells. The fat cells will be decomposed and eliminated as a body waste through metabolism. The procedure is basically done in about 35 minutes only, then it will have cooling and relaxing process for about 5 minutes, and massaging for the next 5 minutes. 

What is Coolthera and Why Coolthera at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea?

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea's Coolthera mostly done for the lower part of the body like calves, thigh, hip, but also can be done for abdomen and arm as well. Normally, people would need about 2 times of Coolthera treatment to see the differences, and it is recommended to get 3 to 9 times of treatment with 2 weeks of interval in general, but again, it depends on each individual as each person has different needs. A tingling sensation or little bruise might appear due to the pressure but these symptoms are normal so you don't have to worry about it.

Surgery information

    • Duration : 45 minutes
    • Anesthesia : N/A
    • Hospitalization : N/A
    • Recovery period : Immediate return to everyday activity

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