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Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea's Nostril Reduction For Your Ideal Nose

As the center of face, many people pay attention at their nose more than anything else. A high and pointed nose is what people look the most. But! Pretty nose, ideal nose, is not all about how high the nose is. Ideal nose shape has to be nice when viewed from the bottom, and it has to be equilateral in relation to the whole face.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea's Nostril Reduction For Your Ideal Nose

Sometimes besides wide nose bridge or blunt tip nose problem, enlarged nostrils or wide appearing nostrils can give the nose an unrefined looks. But don't worry, Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea which is part of Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, has the solution for you! Through a nostril reduction rhinoplasty or nose job, we, Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea can make your nose much more attractive.

Nostril reduction nose job only takes about 30 minutes and with the surgery, the width of the nostrils will be reduced and the shape is evened out. As the incision is required for this surgery, many people are worrying about the scars left after the surgery. But, at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea, the Korean rhinoplasty specialized hospital, the scar won't be visible, as the incision area is hidden under the boundary line of nostrils. The scars itself will fade away in about 2 months so you really don't need to worry about it.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea's nostril reduction is not just about reducing the size of the nostrils though. It's also refining the nose tip and making it slim at the same time. The tip of nose will be naturally becomes sharp and the shape of the nostrils is corrected if the width of the sidewalks are reduced. 

Before                                            After 3M

Surgery information

    • Duration : 20~30 minutes
    • Anesthesia : Local or topical anesthesia with sedation
    • Hospitalization : Same day discharge
    • Stitch removal : 1 week after surgery
    • Postoperative visits : 2~3 times
    • Recovery period : Everyday activity possible after stitch removal

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