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New Type Of Lifting At Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea

Wish to do lifting but don't want to have thread inserted into your skin? Wish to have non-incision lifting procedure? Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea has the right solutions for you! A new type of lifting called, Laser Lift, is a face-lifting procedure, still creates effect of lifting without incision, using lasers that has been approved for its safety. 

The procedure also has a natural face-lift effect along with improvement of drooping skin and elasticity. Both younger and older generation is favoring the new procedure to receive effect of younger face as these procedures will also help to improve the wrinkles around neck and eyes. 

New Type Of Lifting At Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea

There are some laser procedures available at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea which can be recommended by the specialist based on the individual need and preference. There are ulthera, thermage, and belody. Besides lifting on face, the procedures also can be used on body, creating slimmer effect, as an alternative of liposuction.

New Type Of Lifting At Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea

Ulthera is a non surgical laser procedure which is using ultrasonic waves to lift without damaging the outer skin layer. Unlike the previous high frequency laser procedures that were not able to reach deep within the skin, Ulthera at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea, is using high frequency ultrasound waves to transport the heat. It'll be used to improve wrinkles and elasticity, also regenerating skin, especially on face like forehead, eye, smile lines, chin, neck, or droopy cheek.

New Type Of Lifting At Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea

Almost has the same effect with Ulthera, a laser called Thermage at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea, is sending high frequency waves deep within skin and it help regenerating collagen inside aged and stretchy skin. It's used to reduce the wrinkles and improve the droopy skin. Not only that, Thermage is also a good choice to treat stretch marks beside reducing wrinkles from aging, micro wrinkles around eyes and lips, or improving skin elasticity. Thermage has smaller areas compared to Ulthera though. Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea's Thermage areas is including forehead, eyes, droppy cheeks, sagging chin and neck.

New Type Of Lifting At Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea

Last would be Belody. Belody is one of laser procedures available at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea, vibrating at 980nm diodes, sending strong waves to stimulate the skin layer and speed up regeneration of collagen and eslastin, which is lifting the droopy area, and reviving the elasticity and volume. Belody can be used for body parts as well, and sometimes called as liposuction laser or lipo laser. With belody, you can have tighter and firmer face and body. It can be used on arms, hips, legs, abdomen, breasts, and face. It can be used to treat bulging cheeks, double chin, and creating V-line effect as well. 

Surgery information

    • Duration : 20~30 minutes
    • Anesthesia : Local or topical anesthesia 
    • Hospitalization : None
    • Stitch removal : None
    • Postoperative visits : None
    • Recovery period : Immediate return to everyday activity

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