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Korean Plastic Surgery, Accu Lifting Surgery Treatment

Everyone wants to look younger than their actual age right? Then how to 'fix' the ages that appear already? Korean plastic surgery methods, in this case is Korean Anti-Aging, is one among those alternatives that favored for its effectiveness. From cosmetic, skin-care, botox, filler, even lifting and laser treatments. And among those which is categorized as Korean plastic surgery or Korean cosmetic surgery, there's one called by Accu Lifting. 

Korean Plastic Surgery, Accu Lifting Surgery Treatment

Term of lifting here is not about removing wrinkles only but also removing fats, even at the hardest area like chin line or cheeks. Besides removing fat, Accu Lifting also will help you regenerating your skin so a tight V line is created. For areas that have much fat such as thick cheeks, double chin, or buccal fat, this laser is used to melt and absorb the fat for a much slimmer and smaller shape. 

If the representative of Korean plastic surgery to remove fats, liposuction, involves removing a large amount of fat, there are drawbacks such as sunken or bumpy skin. Even sometimes blood and fluid are also sucked in, resulting in skin damage and drooping. But here at Wonjin Plastic Surgery, Accu Lifting has made groundbreaking improvements. With delicate handling, only the fat is selected and melted. And after it's removed, almost none of the surrounding tissue is damaged so there will be less side effects and smooth facial line.

Korean Plastic Surgery, Accu Lifting Surgery Treatment

But first, what is Accu Lifting actually? Accu Lifting is a lifting procedure, one of the famous Korean plastic surgery treatment, using accusculpt laser, which has very high frequency of 1,444nm and has also been globally patented, melts the fat and procedures collagen to create an elastic V-line. 

The key point of Accu Lifting is to remove fats without damaging the tissue, this is why delicate handling is necessary. And Accu Lifting is one of the best alternative for those who want to remove fats but afraid of liposuction. How it works? Pure fat will be melted for the first treatment then a thin cannula is used to suck the melted fat for the second treatment. The melted fat can be released naturally but if it remains inside the body then there might be an infection, so the possibility of side effect is reduced for more safety.

Surgery information

  • Duration: 40 minutes
  • Anesthesia: local anesthesia with sleeping
  • Hospitalization: none
  • Thread removal: none
  • Treatment: 3-4 times
  • Recovery: daily activity possible right after treatment

Watch video about Accu Lifting below:

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