Wednesday, March 16, 2016

New From Korean Breast Plastic Surgery Specialized Clinic

Breast augmentation is favored by many people including Korean celebrities. And as the technology gets better, more and more innovation on the procedure itself as well as the implants are getting better day by day. 
Few years ago, amazing tear-drop shaped implants showed up and made us awe with its outcome. But people still have to choose, whether to go with the shape or the texture for Breast Augmentation. The existing tear-drop shaped implants are classified into two types; soft gel and hard gel. Both are good and give a good result but people with very slight build and tight skin have to be careful about implants types.

Can't we combine the strength of both types? That's how Korean breast plastic surgery specialized clinic, Wonjin Plastic Surgery, and Polytech company keep working hard and studying more about it. And for the very first time in Asia, Wonjin presents Dual Chamber Tear Drop shaped implant, which was optimized for Korean female body type.

What will happen when people who have insufficient skin use soft gel? Skin will press the implant so it's not even a surprise if the shape changed into round. However, using hard gel type is good enough either related to the texture. There was also a stereotype about using hard gel to maintain the tear-drop shape, but Korean breast plastic surgery specialized clinic, Wonjin Plastic Surgery, overcame the limitation. Soft gel complement the texture so the strength of safe gel will stand out.

Safe gel has a good cohesiveness so it will keep a good shape. They do not spread out no matter how big they are, so the volume will stay still and a style of dressing will be much better.

Soft gel similar to breast tissue adhere to the thorax softly. The soft gel will be adhered to the curved side of the chest very closely. In other words, soft slay will stick much m\better than hard one. Even though it's pressed strongly, the adhesive side to the chest are not detached so it feels more attached to the body. Besides, there is a low foreign body reaction so it is safer because it reduces the thickness of capsula that causes capsular contracture.

Surgery Information

  • Duration: approximately 1 hour and 30mins ~ 2 hours
  • Anesthesia: General
  • Hospitalization: Not necessary
  • Stich removal: 7 days after the surgery
  • Number of post operative visits: 3 ~ 4 times
  • Recovery period: 3 ~ 4 days after the surgery return to everyday activity possible

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