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No Sausage-Looking Eyes With Korean Celebrities Eye Plastic Surgery Wonjin

Eye plastic surgery is the most popular Korean plastic surgery, almost in every hospital, including at Wonjin Plastics Surgery,  who performs the best Korean celebrities eye plastic surgery in the field. Here in Wonjin, pure and clear eyes will be yours only in about 30 minutes! Wonjin Plastic Surgery is not only creating double eyelids but to make a clear and bigger eyes without sausage-looking double eyelids.

No Sausage-Looking Eyes With Korean Celebrities Eye Plastic Surgery Wonjin

To avoid the sausage-looking double eyelids, Wonjin has created a method called 'Natural Muscle Fascia Fixing Method' with its more than 19 years of know-how integration. With this method of Korean celebrities eye plastic surgery, the vertical length of eyes is increased by correcting the levator muscle without incision, creating clear eyes which can be more exposed if using colored lens.

No Sausage-Looking Eyes With Korean Celebrities Eye Plastic Surgery Wonjin

Have you heard about 'pinching' skin method? Korean celebrities eye plastic surgeries performed at Wonjin Plastic Surgery is not using 'pinching' skin method to make the double eyelines. Wonjin Plastic Surgery method induces skin and tissues between the levator muscle to stick together just as a natural double eyelids. What method is used? Wonjin use Natural Adhesive Method to form a natural double eyelids

Plus! Now you don't have to worry that the double eyelids will release as Wonjin Plastic Surgery has upgraded the 'double-tying' method which is stronger, creating stronger double eyelid fixation that overcomes the disadvantage of non-incision method exist at the moment. 

Advantages of Wonjin’s Natural muscle fascia Fixation

  • - No problems even if you have thick eyelids!
    Unnecessary fats and muscles are removed to form slim eyelids.
  • - Don’t rely on colored lenses!
    Big and clear eyes can be formed when the pupils are more exposed by extending the vertical length of eyes.
  • - Scars can’t be seen even when you close your eyes!
    1~2mm of micro-holes are made without incision, which leave mostly no scar.
  • - No shocked bunny-eyes!
    It is very natural as we finely control the tension of muscle fascia in compared to ptosis correction in existence.
  • - Double eyelids aren’t released mostly!
    The natural adhesion with the power of double-tying method forms stronger double eyelids.
  • - Fast recovery!
    Because of light swelling, everyday activities are possible 3 days after surgery.

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