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Korean Celebrities Breast Surgery, Breast Reduction Surgery

Korean Celebrities Breast Surgery, Breast Reduction Surgery

It's not a secret anymore that Korean celebrities are dominating entertainment industry, from idol group, singer, actress, actor, etc. And they often be the role model of people who come to plastic surgery clinic. I want to have eyes like her, I want to have pointed nose like him, including breast shape and size. Most people want to make their breast bigger but of course there are some people who want to make it smaller instead.

Read real story of her who had I cup and finally got breast reduction 

But isn't it good to have big breast? The pain of having to tie breasts with compression bands to avoid people’s stares. Unbelievable discomfort from having enormously huge breasts that were 10 times bigger than normal. 

Korean Celebrities Breast Surgery, Breast Reduction Surgery

Decreasing the size is basic. But the real deal comes down to volume and elasticity while decreasing the size. By using the breast tissue to make volume without using implants is very difficult and requires a skilled surgeon. At Wonjin, we remove the droopy skin to increase elasticity and also prevent sagging through Korean celebrities breast surgery called Breast Reduction Surgery.

Korean Celebrities Breast Surgery, Breast Reduction Surgery

Advantages of Wonjin’s breast reduction

  • - Breasts become the right size.
  • - The breasts are light and tight.
  • - The breasts are proportional to the body.
  • - The damage to the nerves and blood vessels are decreased.
  • - The sensation of breasts and breast feeding is maintained.
  • - There is almost no scarring.

Surgery Information

  • - Surgery time: 3 hours
  • - Anesthesia: General anesthesia
  • - Hospitalization: Same day
  • - Stitch removal: 10-14 days after surgery
  • - Treatment: 3-4 times
  • - Return to daily activities 3-4 days after surgery

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