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Your Nose, Your Style, Best Korean Rhinoplasty

No one ever wanted a flat or short nose, everyone is dreaming of having pointed nose, especially Asians. Yeah, that's one of the reason they're likely doing Korean plastic surgery. One of the problem is either they have short nose, blunt tip nose, wide nose bridge, even wide nostril. Korean rhinoplasty specialized hospital, Wonjin Plastic Surgery is offering their hands to make your dreams come true. Wonjin will help you designing your dream nose but of course it has to consider its proportion throughout its face, not only making it high, but also making it beautiful as nose is the center of your face.

A short nose has an angle that exceeds 110 degrees from the tip of the nose and lips causing the nostrils to be overexposed. Many precautions must be taken when dealing with this specific Korean rhinoplasty procedure because improper use of an implant can make the nose even shorter. Therefore, surgery based on the individual is most appropriate.

There are 3 methods for doing this Korean nose extension.

korean rhinoplasty specialized hospital
Cartilage Surgery
If the cartilage forming the nose tip is raised upwards, the nose tip looks like it is also raised. In this case, the upper cartilage is cut and the legs are fixed downwards, allowing the cartilage to look longer downwards.

korean rhinoplasty specialized hospital
Cartilage Transplant Surgery
If cartilage surgery is not enough, there will be an additional cartilage transplant between the septal cartilage and the wing cartilage to increase the length of the nose tip. The septal cartilage is generally used for this procedure.

korean rhinoplasty specialized hospital
Cartilage Surgery + Cartilage Transplant Surgery + Rhinoplasty
After cartilage and cartilage transplant surgery, if the patient wants to raise the bridge and tip, Rhinoplasty is recommended. An implant will be used for the bridge and the cartilage used for the tip is generally the ear cartilage.

Here some before and after photos of nose extension at Wonjin Plastic Surgery!

korean rhinoplasty specialized hospital

Surgery Information
  • Duration : 1 hour 30 minutes – 2 hours
  • Anesthesia : local anesthesia with sedation
  • Hospitalization : not required
  • Stitch Removal : 5~7 days after surgery
  • Postoperative Visits : 2~3 times
  • Recovery Period : everyday activity possible after surgery

Wonjin Plastic Surgery!
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