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Design Your Body with Korean Body Contour

As for woman, body shape is kind of important, just as important as face appearance like V-line shaped face line. They would do anything to have a slender body with S-line so that they'll gain confidence, and the most important parts are of course breast and hip. That's one of the reason why everyone is dieting. But! Is diet only focusing on losing weight? NO! It's also about the shape and volume! Then, Korean body contour is the answer. Wonjin with their know-hows for more than 20 years of Korean body contour, always ready to help them reach their dream. 

Korean Body Contour at Wonjin Plastic Surgery

 KNOW - HOW 01
No matter how much the technology of the equipment are developed, it is up to the doctor to use it safely and effectively. Wonjin completes the result through many experience.
 KNOW - HOW 02
Wonjin provides the most successful result by precisely controlling the depth and suction rate.
 KNOW - HOW 03
A simple blood test is not enough for a safe liposuction surgery. Wonjin will conduct over 30 medical examinations, including blood and EKG in our own laboratory, in order to prepare a customized surgery and treatment for each patients.

So, what kind of Korean body contour procedures available at Wonjin? It's different for every parts of the body. Why? So that each parts of the body would get the best results, with the best procedures.

- Abdomen Line, Love Handle
Abdomen line is the most difficult part to regain the elasticity by exercising. Wonjin recommends you to do Liposuction, Thread Lifting, Belody, and Coolthera plus Acculifting and Tenor Frequency Wave
- Thigh, Calf
Admit it, lower part of the body is the most common problem for women. Here Wonjin with its Korean body contour available to help you overcome it. Wonjin recommends you to do Liposuction, Thread Lifting, Belody, and Coolthera plus Calf Surgery, Acculifting and Tenor Frequency Wave
- Hip Up, Banana Line
Who doesn't want glamorous pelvic line and charming apple hip? With Korean body contour, you can get what you want. Wonjin recommends you to do Liposuction, Thread Lifting, and Fat Injection plus Acculifting and Hip Up Surgery.

Korean Body Contour at Wonjin Plastic Surgery

Basically, Liposuction deals with the removal of undesired and excess fat on the body, this can be categorized as surgery method, while the Coolthera is non-surgery Korean body contour method which makes it possible for you to remove fats without pain and back to the daily routine as soon as the treatment done.

Surgery Information
  • Surgery Duration : 30 minutes - 1 hour
  • Anesthesia : Local anesthesia
  • Stitch removal : 7 days after surgery
  • Recovery period : Sterilization and treatment after 3~4 days (Compressive garment and underwear must be worn)


Treatment Information
  • Treatment Duration : 30 minutes - 1 hour
  • Anesthesia : Not required
  • Recovery period : Everyday activity possible right after the treatment

Wonjin Plastic Surgery!
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