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Korean Best Two Jaw Surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery

Everyone dreams of having a small and slim, even a V-line. Whether it's woman or man, they want to have a perfect jaw line, as one of the aspect to gain their confidence. Yes, despite the high demand of eyes and nose surgery, especially in South Korea, demand of jaw surgery, in this case square jaw reduction and two jaw surgery are surprisingly increasing. Korean best two jaw surgery, Wonjin Plastic Surgery is here, ready to help you as well.

What is two jaw surgery actually?
Two jaw surgery is a surgery performed, in a case of advanced jaw line and protruded cheekbone, when a normal square jaw surgery and cheekbone reduction alone is not enough to give a slim effect at the jaw line. 

Jutting chin, long face, asymmetry of the face and protruding mouth are the most case happened to be fixed with Korean best two jaw surgery. Wonjin Plastic Surgery gives their best for the patient of two jaw surgery for they need to regulating their body balance to the best condition aids in effective wound healing, inflammation reduction, increasing immunity, and swelling reduction. 

Surgery Information

  • Duration : Approximately 4 hours
  • Anesthesia : General anesthesia
  • Fasting : 8 hours before operation time
  • Stitch Removal : 14 days from operation day
  • Hospitalization : 3 days
  • Shower : Partially available
  • Recommended Staying Period in Korea : Min. of 4 weeks
  • Mani & Pedicure : Must be removed
  • Compression bandage : Recommended to wear all times for first 3 days, then put on at home or while sleeping for another 1-2 weeks

Wonjin Plastic Surgery is known for its Korean best two jaw surgery where people from both domestic and foreign countries come to get their dream slender jaw line. 
More info about Korean best two jaw surgery and reservation can be found at our website

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