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Breast Lifting, One of the Best Korean Breast Surgery

Every woman dreams to have a big and filled breasts. Well, they can get a breast augmentation surgery. Then how about those who already have it? Don't you think they want to have a smaller one?
Yes, sure. They also have their own problem/complex with their oversized breasts. Here in Wonjin, the best Korean breast surgery clinic, they can have it reduced, creating a better shape, beautiful and healthier body.

Well, as we know, many Asians have less breast tissue, so it is believed that breast reduction is kind of rare procedure to be performed, but actually it occurs more often than before. Average Asians have 200 to 250cc volumed breasts but somehow some people especially those who are overweight, have about 400cc volumed breasts which is heavy physically and emotionally painful. This breast reduction procedure is even more complex than breast augmentation. That's why having a consultation with Wonjin breast surgery specialist is important before proceeding the surgery. It is also recommended to have a breast lift after a breast reduction surgery to correct the possible drooped breasts.

There are three levels of breast drooping.

Stage A mastoptosis - the nipple is at the level of the line underneath breasts, or drooped less than 1 cm from this line
Stage B mastoptosis - the nipple is drooped about 1-2cm from the line underneath the breast, but still remains above the lowest Stage C level.
Stage C mastoptosis - The nipple is facing downward because it is drooped more than 3cm from the line underneath the breast

There are 3 incision methods can be chosen;
Vertical Incision (Vertical Scar Technique)

It is for case of oversized breasts and would like to retain breast-feeding potential. Though it might leave minor scarring after the operation, surgeons strongly recommend this method because it shortens operation time and less/no complication occur.

Aerola Incision (Inferior Pedicle Technique)

It is for case of slightly or not-so oversized breasts and sensitive about leaving scars, also would like to retain breast-feeding potential.

Complex Incision (Inferior Pedicle Technique)

It is for case of excessively oversized and drooped breasts which also lacking elasticity. The patients in this case usually want or expect a dramatic downsizing of the breasts and not sensitive about scars remaining.

Surgery Information
  • Duration : Approximately 3~5 hours
  • Anesthesia : General anesthesia
  • Fasting : 8 hours before operation time
  • Stitch Removal : 14 days from operation day
  • Hospitalization : 1 day
  • Hemo Vac Removal : 3 days after operation
  • Recommended Staying Period in Korea : Min. 2 weeks
  • Mani & Pedicure : Must be removed
  • Special Aftercare : Injection to reduce scarring, pumpkin extract (help reduce swelling), ultrasound examination for breast (for revision surgery case), post operation breast massage care program

Having a breast surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery is a good choice as Wonjin only uses special implant, designed only for the patient itself. Which is different one and another. Why don't you prove it yourself by contacting our specialist for a consultation? Where? At the best Korean breast surgery clinic, Wonjin Plastic Surgery.

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