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Prepare Your Summer Look with Wonjin!

Summer is coming!

Have you prepared your skin to be tanned under the sunlight?
How about your body?
Thinking of doing water sports in a bikini but feel like not confident enough to wear it?
Don't worry!
Wonjin is here to help you!
Most women are unhappy with their breasts size but mostly they want to have bigger breasts, especially during the summer, where you can show your body off while laying down at the beach. If you are one of them, then a breast plastic surgery, in this case, breast augmentation surgery should be considered.

wonjin best breast surgery in korea

Not only can increase or decrease the size of your breasts, it also improves the balance and proportions of your figure and improves your self-confidence.
Breast augmentation alone does not correct severely drooping breasts. An additional breasts lift might be required if you want your breasts to look fuller and be lifted. The good news is breast lifting can often be done at the same time as your augmentation.
Known for their best breast plastic surgery in Korea, Wonjin recommends a breast augmentation for those who are not confident for having extremely small breasts and/or want to enlarge their current size of breasts. Not only size-matters, those who have asymmetrical and/or uneven sized breasts also welcomed. Having a smaller and/or drooped breasts due to breast feeding is also normal for women but don’t worry, through this surgery, you will be able to get your beautiful breasts again.

Incision site

wonjin best breast surgery in korea

Transaxillary (Armpit)
1. Using endoscope, it precisely checks and scales the area for implant insertion, also minimizing the damage of blood vessels and nerves
2. The recovery period is short so you will able to return to daily life routine in short period of time
3. No need to worry because there will be no scar is left around/on the breast
4. It avoids damaging of mammary glandular tissue (milk duct) so breast-feeding after the operation is possible
Periareolar (Areola)
1. Incise along the under line of areola
2. The scar will be not so obvious
3. Hypoesthesia (dullness of sensation) of nipples may occur
Inframammary (Under the breast)
1. Incise along the under the line of breast
2. It is often chosen to avoid leaving obvious scar on armpit
3. It is a recommended incision for revision surgery and/or major correction
4. It is an appropriate incision for large sized implant insertion

Method of implant insertion
wonjin best breast surgery in korea

Look at the difference!
wonjin best breast surgery in korea before after
                                       before                             after 3 months

wonjin best breast surgery in korea before after
                                      before                             after 3 months

Surgery Information
·  Duration : Approximately 2~3 hours
·  Anesthesia : General anesthesia
·  Fasting : 8 hours before operation time
·  Stitch Removal : 14 days from operation day
·  Hospitalization : Not necessary
·  Hemo Vac Removal : 3 days after operation
·  Fixable Bra : Recommended to wear for at least 2 weeks from operation
·  Recommended Staying Period in Korea : Min. 2 weeks
·  Mani & Pedicure : Must be removed
·  Special Aftercare : Injection to reduce scarring, pumpkin extract (help reduce swelling), ultrasound examination for breast (for revision surgery case), post operation breast massage care program

So what are you waiting for?
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