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Get Your Nose Done at Wonjin!

Known as the best plastic surgery clinic located in Seoul, Korea, Wonjin offers many kinds of plastic surgeries, from eyes, nose, breast, and face contour even body contour. Besides, Wonjin also provides many medical beauty treatments. Recently, demand to have a nose surgery or usually to be called rhinoplasty, is increasing even surpassing the demand of eyes surgery.

Here in Wonjin, the best Korean rhinoplasty, there are several kinds of rhinoplasties to be chosen depends on your need.

Unlike men who want to have a straight nose, women more likely to focus more on having an ideal (more likely pointed) nose, as it is a roman for women to have it. Not only for normal people, even celebrities get their nose done to fulfill their dream. For those who want this surgery, you might want to visit Wonjin Plastic Surgery who is known all over the world as the best Korean rhinoplasty and get a nose tip correction.

What is nose tip correction? It is a nose job deals with unsatisfactory nose tips, sometimes called as tip rhinoplasty. Nose tip rhinoplasty can change depends on the individual’s nose tip itself.

Nose tip correction is highly recommended for those who are dissatisfied with their current nose tip. Sometimes there are people who had a nose surgery then feel like the nose tip is sunken or they wish to change the shape of the nose tip again. Those people are also welcomed to get their nose done. 

wonjin best korean rhinoplasty clinic

Nose tip that requires a little correction
This method takes spreas apart cartilage and ties it together

wonjin best korean rhinoplasty clinic

Nose tip that requires raising
Your own cartilage and similar materials can be used if the nostril cartilage is not enough to be pulled together. 

wonjin best korean rhinoplasty clinic

Nose tip that requires strengthening
A common procedure to handle an upturned nose, involving placing additional cartilage above the nose tip cartilage to raise it.

Surgery information

  •     Duration : 20~30 minutes
  •     Anesthesia : Local or topical anesthesia
  •     Hospitalization : Same day discharge
  •     Stitch removal : 1 week after surgery
  •     Postoperative visits : 2~3 times
  •     Recovery period : Everyday activity possible after stitch removal

Let’s take a glance of some before & after photos of nose tip surgery.

wonjin best korean rhinoplasty clinic

wonjin best korean rhinoplasty clinic

So are you in?
Visit the best Korean rhinoplasty clinic in Korea, Wonjin Plastic Surgery!
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