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The Best Korean Rhinoplasty only at Wonjin Plastic Surgery!

Having a rhinoplasty done is not always about nose tip correction surgery. One of the most popular rhinoplasty to be done is Korean Wide Nose Bridge surgery. Yes, as it sounds, it is about correcting the wide bridge nose and make it slimmer to the center. 

A nose bridge can appear wide due to thick skin, causing a wide nose appearance. Here in Wonjin which known for its best Korean rhinoplasty clinic, Korean wide nose bridge can be corrected with a surgery that last 1 hour 30 minutes - 2 hours where its job is pushing the nasal bone toward the center, creating a sharp and slim nose bridge. This Korean wide nose bridge is appropriate for those who possess a wide nose bridge, most people want a slim nose bridge right? It's also good for people who have large appearing nose due to a thick nose bridge. And last, for people who are not satisfied with their nose bridge shape and want to change it.

The nose bridge line starts from the inner eyebrow line and extends to the nose tip. This line should be visible to a certain degree. The ideal line diameter for men is around 13mm while for women is around 10mm.

A wide nose cannot simply be corrected by raising the nose bridge. Why? Because  raising the nose bridge could make the face appear unbalanced or look manly. Wonjin Plastic Surgery, the best Korean rhinoplasty clinic, is considering the nose bridge' line and thickness carefully before performing the surgery. How to perform the surgery? To create a slimmer nose bridge it has to fracture the outermost point of the nasal bone and push it towards the center. In case of a low nose bridge, an implant can be used to create a sharp and refined image.

  • Duration : 1 hour 30 minutes – 2 hours
  • Anesthesia : Local or general anesthesia with sedation
  • Hospitalization : Same day discharge
  • Stitch removal : 5~7 days after surgery
  • Postoperative visits : 2~3 times
  • Recovery period : Everyday activity possible after stitch

Some before & after photos of v-line surgery can be seen here

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